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Why Web SMS?

Cost effective, time effecient, scalable.

With modern day consumers constantly on the move, it’s becoming extremely important to keep in contact and nurture relationships with them. The days of people physically going to shopfronts seem to be coming to an end, consumers want their information faster and more accessible than ever.

From this new perspective it seems crazy to not fully utilize the mobile technologies being used so frequently by consumers. Integrating Mobile Marketing into your current or future marketing strategies will give your customers the accessibility to get the information they need on the go.

In current times it seems near impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. We can also assume that the nature of having a mobile phone means most people will have the phone on them most of the time. Then one step further we also know that most people will read an SMS shortly after they receive it. This makes the SMS medium of marketing extremely direct to the customer.

Unlike other forms of marketing the consumer is not able to screen the content and avoid the sales pitch or promotion. This makes the penetration rate much higher than other forms of marketing.

Web SMS is a very sustainable product!

Help eliminate your businesses impact on the environment and save money on administration and postage costs. In modern markets the initiative to increase sustainability not only promotes your business to the community but also comforts the modern consumer.

Uses for Web SMS


  • Check-in confirmation
  • Food ready for pick-up
  • Restaraunt booking reminder


  • Tickets for gigs
  • Weather updates
  • Venue promotions


  • Promotional code (discount in next 24 hours)
  • 50% off this weekend
  • New arrivales in-store

Important Updates

  • Energy companies – power outages
  • Council – Roads closed due to flooding
  • Soccer practice is cancelled
  • Online services down
  • Registration renewals


  • Car ready to pick up from mechanic
  • Taxi – ETA
  • Fast food delivery – ETA
  • Your application has been approved
  • Your shipment has been sent

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