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Meet the team

HiveSMS is the brain child of Stead Lane, who are dedicated to constantly improving HiveSMS and rolling out new versions with improved features (as well as other communication applications). Our entrepreneurial thinking and real business practices are put to best use when developing products.

We figure if we are experiencing an issue in-house, there is a high chance that some other organisation may be attempting to leap over the same hurdles. This results in development that is efficient, effective and creative. We also believe strongly in providing holistic solutions for clients so also offer a range of web development, web design, web hosting, search engine optimisation.

Enough about us though, you are the key focus here! Regardless of whether you hold a position in marketing, promotions or digital promotions in an organisation, or have taken the leap to owning your own business, you need applications that take care of the technical stuff so you can concentrate on your job - communicating with clients and prospects.

Hive SMS allows you to easily design and send SMS campaigns, integrate with web services you already use, manage contact lists and measure the success of your marketing endeavours. Quite simply, HiveSMS gives you a simple way to enhance your communication strategy, that will save you time and money.

Your customers, your campaign, your results.