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Support » Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy credits?

You can purchase through your account when logged in with credit card or contact us for an invoice which can be paid via EFT

Are there discounts available if I buy in bulk?

Yes, contact us for a quote on bulk discounts

Do I need to purchase a certain amount of credits per month?

No, there is no limit at all to how many credits you have to purchase.




Do I need consent to send an SMS to a customer?

Yes, you need consent to send and SMS to anyone. See the Spam act for further details

How many SMS can I send at once?

Unlimited, so as many as you like!

Can I send SMS to any type of mobile phone?

Yes, any phone that can receive a standard SMS will be able to receive a SMS from this service.

How many characters per message can I have?

160 characters (including spaces)

How long does it take to deliver messages?

It should be only a few seconds, but it does depend on your provider

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we do offer technical support if you are having issues with sending your SMS




How many contacts can I have in a list?

A bazillion trillion!

Can I upload contacts in a file?

Yes, you can upload contacts in a CSV (excel) files

What is the best way to format the fields of the CSV file?

The fields can be whatever you like, it all depends on what is easiest for you

How long does it take to upload a CSV file?

Depends on the size, but a standard file should only take a few seconds

Are users able to opt out?

Yes, you can opt out users in your address book