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The saturation of Smart Phones

21 March 2012

Check out this awesome info-graphic, outlining that huge saturation of smart phones in the market. We are excited to see this market evolve even more than it currently has and open more possibilities for communication with your audience.
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The Importance of Building Relationships

23 February 2011

Clients will appreciate your forward thinking in how you can save their time. if you can send a simple text instead of making a 5 minute call, you could gain a lot of respect from your clients.
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Multi-channel marketing for the retail sector

16 December 2010

Just thought we would share an interesting article about some new research that has come out on consumer interaction with retailers through multi-channel marketing such as SMS.
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A look into the future of SMS marketing

14 December 2010

After reading an interesting article by Michaela Cristallo, Marketing Manager at InvolveMobile a few ideas began to spring to mind about the future of SMS marketing.
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Follow the Spam Act or pay the price

11 December 2010

Here is a case study showing the consequences of sending out spam SMS. Make sure anyone you are sending an SMS to has giving you consent to do so or you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.
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