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Countries With The Highest Smartphone Penetration

28 August 2013

It's no surprise that smartphones are taking over the world, but some countries are slower to catch on that others.
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How To Use SMS Marketing Without Being Annoying

16 August 2013

With a 98% open rate, SMS marketing is an extremely effective but intrusive form of marketing. You want to make sure that your communication is considered helpful or insightful, and your not just sending messages because you've received a new shipment of black socks.
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How To Keep Your Customers Engaged with SMS Marketing

5 August 2013

Launching an SMS marketing campaign may be easy, but keeping your audience engaged is a different story. Here are 4 quick ways to keep your audience engaged and on your SMS marketing list.
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What is Flash SMS?

27 February 2013

Ever wanted to send a text message that you KNOW will be read by the recipient? Well now you can. Introducing Flash SMS.
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When To Send Your SMS Campaign

24 January 2013

Knowing when to send your SMS marketing campaign can be tricky, as you want to try and catch people during their most active phone usage hours. But not to worry, a recent study by Zokem, shows us that most active phone usage occurs in the evening between 4 and 6pm.
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SMS Turns 20!

3 December 2012

The first SMS was sent in 1992 by Neil Papworth. He sent the message “Merry Christmas” from his personal computer to his friend Richard Jarvis' Orbitel 901 handset over the Vodafone GSM network.
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SMS Isn't Going Anywhere

31 October 2012

With the rapid rate of technology evolving further and further we are seeing a mass of new marketing channels appearing. Changes in technology make it hard for businesses to keep up with the latest marketing trend.
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Web SMS as a Branding Tool

24 October 2012

You may not have thought of SMS as a branding tool before, but its probably something you should consider. Brand awareness is about keeping your brand in your customers and potential customers minds.
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Web SMS and Mobile Websites

10 October 2012

There is exponential growth in smart phone usage, specifically accessing the web and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Businesses should be taking full advantage of this trend and taking their business to where the consumers are.
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Apple sold more than five million iPhone 5's in the first three days

26 September 2012

We live in an amazing time when we see this kind of demand for the latest smart phone. This truly shows how attached consumers have become to their smart phone devices and the massive brand power of Apple.
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