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We love Saasu almost as much as Freshbooks (we won't lie, accounting is not one of our favourite pass times) as it has made our accounting practices accurate, and efficient! To able to share the love of letting your clients know when their accounts are due, our team are working hard on developing a Saasu API. This will be available in Version 2.0 of Hive SMS and we will keep you posted with our progress. Sign up to receive SMS notification of when it is live! 

Integrate Hive SMS with your website

The team at Hive Web Studio (our parent company) can assist you to integrate Hive SMS into your website today. Whether you wish to be notified instantly when a client wants to be contacted, have your site visitors join a VIP club or opt in to be notifitied when your next sale is, Hive SMS can easily be integrated into your online strategy. Keep talking to your clients regularly, quickly and in a cost effective manner through your website and Hive SMS.

Do you have an API idea? 

If you have any requests for APIs to be developed for your application, please contact the team behind Hive SMS straight away! We will let you know whether this idea is already in the development pipeline, or whether it can be added to our 'To Do' list. Remember, Hive SMS is an application built on a very flexible, scalable, adaptable and customisable platform. No API idea is too abstract or small!