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Do you want to reduce the time it takes to get paid by your clients and ultimately increase your cashflow? Try enhancing your communication channels by combining SMS reminders with your exisiting email reminders in Freshbooks. The beauty about this API, once you have chosen your settings as to when you want SMS reminders to be sent (with all invoice notifications or maybe only on overdue accounts), you do not need to leave Freshbooks! The work is all done behind the scenes in our app.

The other great thing, you can write your own message templates so your communications can be personalised and convey the personality of your business! Alternatively, if you want to save even more time, we have drafted a number of message templates for you. 

Who can connect to Hive SMS now?

In the rollout of Hive SMS Version 1.0, Freshbooks users based in Australia only are able to connect and start using Hive SMS today. For all other Freshbooks account holders wishing to add SMS technology to their communications strategy, we are working diligently on rolling out access to the USA, UK, Europe and Asia as soon as possible. For users in these regions, sign up to receive email notification of when this is live!

How to connect Hive SMS to your Freshbooks account

  • Create a Hive SMS account (follow this link and instructions)
  • Copy the API key from your Freshbooks account into your Hive SMS account (found at Setting > API > Key etc)
  • Edit the settings so the Hive SMS reminders will get sent at the same time as your email notifications
  • Remember you can choose to send a SMS on all notifications (including the original invoice) or only on overdue accounts!
  • Not currently using Freshbooks? Quite frankly, you should be! 

For those of you who have not discovered the power and magic of Freshbooks, we recommend that you do yourself a favour and at the minium - check out their website to see what it is all about. The team at Hive Web Studio (our parent company) have been using the application for 2 years now and after ony a few months, managed to reduce their payment time from 2 - 3 months down to an average of 10 days! Freshbooks helped increase their cashflow and efficiency and reduce stress. Freshbooks will help your business do more business!

  • Save time invoicing your clients faster
  • Get paid faster
  • Worry free payment
  • Bill more hours through an accurate and efficient time tracking system
  • Most importantly - look professional!
  • Visit the Freshbooks website today and try the invoicing application for free!